Domestic Appliances

Domestic Appliances

The Domestic Appliance Market team is responsible for the sales and technical support of all fans and motors supplied to UK domestic appliance manufacturers. Typical applications include gas boilers and fires, electric ovens and flame effect electric fires.

We supply a range of premix and hot gas fans for use in gas boilers and work with all the major UK manufacturers. ebm-papst is the market leader in premix technology, having manufactured electronically commutated premix fans for over 15 years. Although most of our business is on the domestic side, our range of premix fans also allows us to handle commercial and industrial boilers up to 500 kW.

Hot gas fans are supplied for powered flue systems on gas fires. This type of system is used where a gas fire is installed in a property that does not have a chimney. The powered flue system is used to extract the hot flue gases from the fire. Our hot gas fans are designed to handle flue gas temperatures in excess of 200oC.

For electric oven applications we are able to supply both the oven circulation fan and the tangential fan that is used to cool the controls and doors. We are able to supply either 60mm tangential fan or a 45mm design if space is restricted.

On flame effect electric fires we supply tangential fans for both the heater and the flame effect applications. Various lengths of 60 and 45mm tangential fans are available. ebm-papst manufactures the entire product and can therefore optimise their fans to give the best performance for the application. Unlike our competitors, this also gives us full control over the quality of our tangential fans.