Heating & Ventilation

The Heating & Ventilation Division (H&V) specialises in the provision of innovative air movement products for OEM companies across the United Kingdom. In the majority of cases the H&V team works with a customer’s engineering resource to develop a client-specific solution, rather than rely on a limited range of standardised fan products. This approach allows our partners to achieve key design requirements, such as air, acoustic and efficiency specifications, with a cost-effective and differentiated product offering.

Our customers are now designing products to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of energy-efficiency and recycling legislation. The H&V team is able to meet these demands with a complete range of electronically commutated (EC) motor platforms. EC motors yield much higher levels of energy efficiency than traditional AC products, while providing added functionality, such as integrated speed and sensor control strategies.

The H&V team offers expertise in the following application areas:

Air Handling Units

Direct drive centrifugal blowers, with forward or backward curved impellers; direct drive ‘plug’ fans, up to 1.4m diameter; speed controllers, including electronic-, transformer- and frequency inverter-based packages. Air volumes up to 30 m3/s can be achieved with a single fan

Fan Coils, Fan Convectors and Air Curtains

Direct drive centrifugal blowers, single- or double-inlet. Most products can be specified with AC or high-efficiency EC external rotor motors.

Domestic Ventilation Systems

A wide range of axial and centrifugal fan solutions for domestic applications, including local extract fans, MEV systems, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and positive input ventilation systems. The growing trend towards low-energy EC technology is reflected in our product offering.

Commercial & Industrial Ventilation

Axial fans, centrifugal and mixed flow fans in a variety of formats, together with speed control solutions, for applications such as roof extract units, in-line duct fans, acoustic fans and commercial heat recovery systems

Commercial & Industrial Heating

Axial fans, direct drive centrifugal blowers and hot gas fans for suspended unit heaters, cabinet heaters and mobile space heaters.


Forward curved centrifugal motorised impellers, fitted with AC or EC motors.