ebm-papst Mulfingen

ebm was founded in Mulfingen in 1963 by Gerhard Sturm - still actively heading the company — and Heinz Ziehl. Everything started with the external rotor motor which was rediscovered as an ideal drive for small fans.

Mulfingen, Germany
Mulfingen, Germany

As the pillar and basic principle of their innovative and wide product range, the external rotor motor made ebm the world market leader.

In the 70’s both ebm and PAPST were innovators in the field of brushless EC drives. This guaranteed them an important edge in terms of know-how — one they have been able to maintain right up to the present day. In 1992, ebm took over PAPST Motoren GmbH & Co, following this up in 1997 by acquiring mvl.

In 1993, Thomas Philippiak joined the company to assist Gerhard Sturm in managing ebm Mulfingen.