Environmental Care — more than just empty words

Technical progress with environmental care - these two do not always go together well. In the best of cases, products are developed with the express objective to go soft on natural resources.

Green Motors

ebm-papst and environment
ebm-papst and environment

The "green motor" is at the heart of our fans used not only in computers and telecommunications, but also in air-conditioning in buildings and in high-class clean rooms.

For gas condensing heater technology we also supply intelligent blowers. Our "Green motors" are extremely low emission and highly efficient, maintenance-free intelligent drives with integrated open or closed loop control with bus-links.

Eco-friendly Production

Our technology strategy has always been based with keen eyes on environmental issues. we exclusively produce motors and fans which conform to standards, have few harmful substances, are energy efficient, are reliable and, above all, can be recycled.

What is good for our products is also good for our production. We focus on eco-friendliness; recycling and waste water disposal are key corner stones.

Certified Eco-friendly Management

ebm-papst is certified according to standard DIN EN ISO 14001. This means that an eco-friendly management system is applied to our R&D, production and sales and distribution that conforms to these tough standards.

Conflict Minerals

If you would like to see our Conflict Minerals Reporting Statement, it is available upon request.

All our efforts have been certified under ISO14001:2015