REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is the new system for controlling chemicals in Europe. It became law in the UK and the whole of the European Union on 1 June 2007.


Substances that are manufactured or imported into the EU in quantities of 1 tonne or more per year need to be registered with the new European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The process started with pre-registration between 01 June - 30 November 2008 with registration then phased in over a period of years. If a substance has not been pre-registered it cannot benefit from the phase-in period.
Some potentially harmful chemicals have been listed as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) and if products contain these substances above a certain concentration then this has to be communicated down the supply chain. The simplest option is to eliminate the use of SVHCs altogether.
For the latest information about REACH please refer to the ECHA website.

ebm-papst statement

According to the REACH Regulation ebm-papst UK Ltd is considered a downstream user and supplier of articles (complete products) and has no obligation to register. We can confirm that we will comply with all obligations under REACH, including working with suppliers to ensure that all chemicals used in the production of our products are correctly registered under the REACH Regulation for reasons of both legal compliance and continuity of supply.

As a manufacturer of articles we are obligated to provide information if a Candidate Substance (Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC)) is contained in an article above the threshold of 0.1% mass. The Substance List is published by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) and updated on a regular basis. We do not expect to exceed the threshold of 0.1% mass in our articles and are in constant dialogue with our suppliers, especially when the candidate list has been extended.
Currently the supply of ebm-papst products is not restricted due to REACH.

A formal statement can be downloaded from the link below:

REACH - ebm-papst