Every Day is a Green Day 2015

The GreenDay is an international campaign of all global ebm-papst subsidiaries. Our employees do their part for a greener future and demonstrate their everyday contributions to the environment. Big ideas, small ideas, green ideas! Keep up to speed and follow the GreenDay blog at greenday.ebmpapst.com

Every day is a GreenDay

Every day is a GreenDay in the UK

For our campaigns this year we will be focusing on three key areas with various projects, working with throughout the year and documenting progresses along the way.

Energy Efficient Building Regulations

  • We have been investigating where in our building we can make further improvements and continue to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we can. We will be focusing on improving the lighting in our warehouse to more energy efficient solutions.


  • Sponsoring and making a donation to the building of the EXplora Science and Discovery Centre, where ebm-papst will be featured in 'The Energy Centre', one of four centres within the building.
  • Sponsoring our local football teams, Chelmsford City FC and Leyton Orient FC.
  • Working with the Chelmsford Engineering Society to promote engineering to school students.

Sustainable Customer Projects

  • With a focus on promoting GreenTech and EC technology through our upgrade services, we are currently working with one of our customers in upgrading an end customer's CRAC units.

In addition to these projects, we are also looking into recycling centres where we will donate our old and unused computer equipment.

Follow our progress on our blog page at greenday.ebmpapst.com