15 August 2017

£500,000 Savings at Marks and Spencer

ebm-papst partnered with AB Group to roll-out 1,404 fans and 258 condensers in 152 Marks and Spencer stores across the UK and Ireland. The new technology will substantially improce the energy performance of the refrigeration systems in the stores with total annual financial savings estimated to be over half a million pounds.

The project

The project, which encompassed large high street stores and Simply Food Stores, was part of an energy saving exercise to reduce the carbon footprint across the Marks and Spencer estate. Before roll-out, an upgrade trial was carried out in a Rotherham store to establish the energy saving benefits.

Despite the logistical challenge of delivering and installing 1,400 new EC fans (and collecting old AC fans) across the UK and Ireland, the project took on three months to complete, between February and May 2015. Total project hours of just 4,150 underline the ease of installation.

In addition to the upgrade, AB Group changed the controls for the fridge plant to enable a variable 10v output to operate the new EC fans where necessary.

The results

Following the upgrade, there is estimated to be an annual energy reduction of 3,265.3 kWh per fan, across the 152 stores, with an estimated cost saving per fan of £375.51. This represents an annual saving of £527,233, with payback in less than five years.

The upgrade project also allowed the refrigeration systems to maintain operation during high ambient temperatures. This is a big advantage as it retains sales and operation in the stores during exceptional weather. Other benefits include a noise reduction per store of up to 7 dB(A).

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Hannah Morphew
Office Administrator
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