15 August 2017

Halving power consumption at the Scottish Parliament

ebm-papst worked with Airedale International on a fan upgrade project at the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.

The fans

ebm-papst EC fans were used to upgrade Airedale aircon units in the building’s computer room, leading to a reduction in power consumption of approximately 50%.

The project

The Scottish Parliament is dedicated to reducing both carbon footprint and energy bills. Environmental Performance Manager David Fairhurst had already made significant improvements to the building, including a reduction in carbon emissions of 25%.

After we presented him with details of the possible energy savings of upgrading HVAC equipment to EC fans, he asked us to carry out a survey. It identified the HVAC equipment that would offer the greatest potential for energy savings. We then worked alongside equipment manufacturer Airedale to provide the optimum solution.

Computer room cooling offered the best potential for energy savings, so an initial trial was carried out on one computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit. After excellent results, further installations were carried out on both CRAC and air handling units (AHUs).

The results

As well as halving power consumption, the project resulted in initial savings of 11.5 tonnes of carbon per year and a payback period of 21 months. Further savings are expected when a second phase is implemented. Overall fi nancial savings of £13,500 per year are expected, with a reduction in carbon emissions of 20 tonnes per year.

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Hannah Morphew
Office Administrator
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