25 January 2018

Retrofit makes departure more relaxed

When the fan in the Air Handling Unit that serves the check-in area failed, Birmingham Airport urgently needed a replacement. The solution was a completely new FanGrid system.


Watch the video for this case study here

The Project

A contra-rotating axial fan served the air conditioning system for the check-in area of Birmingham Airport. When the motor of the fan broke down the entire air conditioning system shut down. Airport management needed help quickly and contacted service provider and air treatment experts Munters, who in turn looked to ebm-papst UK for support. Instead of replacing the big contra-rotating axial fan, ebm-papst UK replaced it with a new FanGrid design with five RadiPac EC fans.

The solution

This design prevents whole system failure. If one fan were to fail, the remaining four can increase their speed. They can compensate for the loss and continue to deliver the air volume required. Due to their compact size, the units in a FanGrid can be replaced more easily. In addition, EC FanGrid solutions can be controlled more accurately, are quieter and reduce maintenance costs.

The results

The retrofit has reduced Birmingham Airport’s power consumption of 24 kW to 6.6 kW. Its energy consumption is reduced by 72 percent and saves the airport over €12,000 per year.

ebm-papst RadiPac fans

RadiPac EC fans are very quiet and efficient thanks to flow-optimized blade profiles. They are compact and easy to retrofit, making them especially suitable for upgrading existing facilities. Their Plug & Play function makes commissioning fast and easy.

Watch the video for this case study here

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Hannah Morphew
Marketing and Commercial Assistant
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