20 March 2018

Smart* technology

Smart phones, Smart homes, Smart watches, Smart cars. The term smart has become common place when describing pioneering variations on products typically characterised by normality. Our everyday lives have been shaped by advancements in technology as we all unwittingly take part in the fourth major industrial revolution since 18th century.

“Fourth you say?”

YES, fourth! This Fourth Industrial Revolution is emerging from a variety of new technologies which connect: physical, digital and biological processes. This phenomenon has impacted upon all disciplines, economies, and industries throughout the world.

The current development in automation and data exchange within the manufacturing sector is known as Industry 4.0. Technological advancements in cyber-physical systems have led to complete production processes encompassing: the Internet of Things, cloud computing and cognitive computing – Smart* technologies coming together to form a process. ‘Smart Factories’ use embedded computers and networks to monitor and control physical processes. Feedback loops relay signals from physical actions which prompt decentralised decisions and vice versa. The net result is a fully automated, fully tracked production process from start-to-finish/component-to-end product.

When products, people, machines and software work together efficiently and productively, energy efficiency improves. ebm-papst manufactures cutting edge Industry 4.0 ready products. Their product portfolio of ventilation technology, drive motors and gas blowers -equipped with integrated digital bus interfaces - can be wirelessly programmed into many advancing applications where automation and communication between machines is key.

To facilitate this significant move to automation, innovative drive technology is required to ensure the smooth operation of processes. Market demands and specific user requirements have been forged into highly efficient, quality products. Aspects such as mechatronics, electronics and software are perfectly integrated and optimised to suit this specific sector. As Industry 4.0 revolutionises the world, ebm-papst are prepared to define new economical and ecological standards to meet the changing conditions.

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Luke Tanner
Marketing and Commercial co-ordinator