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08 June 2012

Biomaterial Fans

ebm-papst produces the first fans made from wood based composite material.


ebm-papst, Europe’s leading manufacturer of high efficiency fans and motors, has developed the UK’s first fan housing made using WPC (Wood, plastic composite) materials, extending the company’s outstanding reputation for implementing environmentally sustainable technology.

Developed in accordance with strict industrial standards, the fan offers exceptional performance longevity, combined with high durability, stability and an excellent tolerance to thermal fluctuations. The research and development team was also able to engineer the biomaterial used to construct the fans housing to offer innate resistance to corrosion.

Geoff Lockwood, Technical Director at ebm-papst UK, said: “Utilising biomaterials in this way has enabled us to conserve resources, achieve substantial operational savings and reduce our dependence on raw materials. In addition, it has enabled us to considerably reduce carbon emissions during the manufacture process, helping to cut our impact on the surrounding environment.

“This is a substantial step forward for the industry and we look forward to working with our UK customers to implement this new technology.”

In addition to its ecological benefits, ebm-papst has developed the new fan housing technology to provide improved dampening characteristics, which will reduce noise pollution and ensure it has minimal impact in an office environment. The fan’s performance can be further enhanced with the addition of special coatings, for example easy clean or antibacterial.

Helen McHugh, Head of Sustainability at ebm-papst UK, said: “ebm-papst has always been at the forefront of new technological innovations in the fan and motor sector, with the creation of innovative new products such as EC fans. This is reflected in our research and development strategy, which ensures each new product we bring to market must exceed the performance and environmental credentials of its predecessor. As part of our environmental commitment, our objective is to ensure that 15% of our product portfolio employs sustainable biomaterials by 2015.

“With legislative requirements driving significant growth in demand for the energy-saving products, we expect this fan will be very well received by the UK market.”

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