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05 December 2014

ebm-papst UK Ltd launch new H&V EC Controller Range

ebm-papst UK Ltd has launched a new range of controllers designed primarily for use within the industrial and commercial Heating and Ventilation market.


The suite of products are designed to work with all single and three phase ebm-papst EC fans and also a large range of its DC products. The controllers help customers maximise the advantages of using EC motors by giving them more control over their ventilation systems. This ensures that exact airflow requirements are achieved while minimising energy consumption.

The product range includes three variants – the Dual EC controller, Industrial/ Commercial HRU controller and Demand Ventilation controller. All three, which can be supplied fitted in an IP66 enclosure or as PCB only, are fully programmable to ensure exact performance and functionality can be set up depending on the customer’s requirements.

The Dual EC controller is designed for traditional box fan ventilation applications and can run either single or twin fan units. The controller functionality includes variable local or remote selectable normal and boost speeds, fan fail monitoring, duty share (twin fan only) and timers to enable delayed start or run on boost mode.

The Industrial/Commercial HRU controller enables the user to vary the normal and boost speeds on both the supply and extract circuits to ensure a balanced system. The speeds can be activated via a separate BMS, a local switch live or remote sensors. The controller also includes summer bypass activation relay, low temperature shut off, filter maintenance timer and fan fail monitoring.

The third product in the range is the Demand Ventilation controller, which includes all the functionality of the Dual EC controller but with additional proportional fan control and a constant pressure mode. Proportional fan control enables the controller to vary the fan speed based on the output of external sensors, which ensures the required air quality and temperature levels are accurately maintained and the fans are run more efficiently than a traditional trickle and boost system. With the addition of an external sensor the controller can provide a constant pressure mode, the set point can be determined either locally on the PCB or externally via a BMS or potentiometer.

Gemma Lloyd
Commercial and Marketing Assistant
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