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20 February 2015

For commercial buildings fan control is key

There are many reasons why commercial buildings look at reducing their energy use, with reducing energy bills often being at the top of the list for many organisations. Indeed it’s estimated that UK businesses could save up to £1.6 billion by adopting energy efficiency measures.

Non-domestic buildings account for over 60 per cent of all electricity consumption in the UK, with buildings that are used purely for commercial purposes accounting for nearly a quarter of all electricity consumption. By 2030 it’s been predicted that this electricity demand is set to increase by 30 per cent.

In commercial buildings, around 40 per cent of electrical energy consumed is for HVAC with lighting accounting for a third overall. From these figures it’s clear that businesses looking to reduce their electrical energy will have the most impact by focusing on these two areas.

From our experience we know that making improvements to the HVAC system in commercial buildings is not just about reducing energy consumption but also about reducing maintenance costs and improving controllability of fans.

This is evident in our work with a global organisation where ebm-papst, Norland Managed Services and Cinque Energy Solutions are working together to upgrade the fan coil units in its main headquarters in London to use high efficiency EC fans with a customised control platform, with this ongoing upgrade set to be 1200 fan coil units in total.

The upgrade meant the HVAC system could be well-maintained and controlled by managers on-site, with the lack of control and access to the system being a problem before the upgrade. Fan controllability is such a vital area for many commercial buildings, as this ensures that any upgrade fulfils its true potential in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

Improved controllability is one of the key benefits of installing EC fans, leading to truly significant energy savings for organisations, as well as providing increased occupier comfort. This is best illustrated by our fan coil upgrade with the financial saving expected to be just over £50,000 per annum, highlighting the scope of energy savings from making fan improvements in commercial buildings.

Gemma Lloyd
Commercial and Marketing Assistant
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