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01 November 2012

New portable room cooling solution dramatically reduces energy costs!

With our varied climate and busy lifestyles there is always a need for large portable fans. They may be used for cooling in an office or a gym or even used for drying plaster on a building site or drying walls in flood damaged buildings.

Energy Saving ec aura cooler

Rising temperatures in the summer demand an immediate and flexible temporary-cooling solution. Leading fan manufacturing company, ebm-papst, has developed an innovative new prod-uct precisely to address this need. ec aura is a powerful yet energy-efficient mobile fan, suitable for a range of environ-ments spanning commerce, retail and leisure premises alike (e.g. gyms, offices, lecture theatres and meeting rooms). As well as being very versatile for use in the building industry for drying floors or plaster as an example.

Maintaining a cool work or leisure environment is crucial to enjoyment and productivity yet can be an expensive challenge as air-cooling technologies may only be required for a few months a year. The ec aura is perfectly-balanced in a wheeled frame, allowing effortless positioning and localised cooling to restore a comfortable room temperature.

It is crucial for business, since it operates using innovative EC (electronically commutated) technology, the ec aura consumes 87% less energy (and associated fuel costs) compared to fans using the older AC technology. A longer service life and extended maintenance intervals further reduce temperature control related expenditure.

Customer and staff experience is important and ebm-papst’s new product is considerably quieter, in fact it is an incredible 8dB quieter than the existing fans, which minimises the dis-tracting impact of noise. The ec aura fan has been accredited by the Noise Abatement Soci-ety with the Quiet Mark, an international award of approval encouraging worldwide companies in the development of noise reduction within the design of everyday machines and appliances to protect the public and improve the aural environment.

Gloria Elliott CE of the NAS, said: “Congratulations to ebm-papst for developing this new quiet commercial fan in line with the Quiet Mark ethos, not only reducing sound output, but being energy effi-cient and cost effective as well”.

With a compact design, full speed control, and incorporating a 180 degree adjustable tilt: ec aura fans are also fully portable and easily maneuvered to ensure targeted room cooling.

As the only fan of its kind currently available, combining energy efficiency, reduced noise and lower operating costs, the ec aura provides an ideal temporary cooling solution during the summer months.

Jennifer McColl
Marketing Co-Ordinator
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