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30 September 2016

Smart steps towards a sustainable future

GreenDay is ebm-papst’s global initiative to encourage all its employees to show their sustainable activities – not just for one day, but throughout the year. Each year, around 12,000 employees worldwide get involved with sustainable activities and through the initiative ebm-papst showcases its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.


For ebm-papst every day is a GreenDay. This motto reflects everything about the company – from the way its global business commits to ensuring every new product it develops is better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology, to the little every day changes the business and its employees can make to become more environmentally-friendly.

As part of the 2016 GreenDay campaign, ebm-papst UK reviewed its warehouse energy consumption, specifically to look at how it could reduce its energy consumption whilst improving the overall quality of light. The task set was to remove the existing 450W sodium fittings and replace them with highly efficient 110W LED fittings.

NG Energy, a specialist energy efficiency solutions company, was brought on board to assess how energy could be saved. It began by fitting an energy meter in the ware-house in order to measure the power consumption of the existing 450W sodium lamps. Each lamp averaged an unexpectedly high measurement of 480W, this however, could be attributed to the age of the control gear. Based on an 18-hour day, the total power consumption of the sodium lamps was 821kWh.

Prior to the installation of the new lamps, the warehouse’s average monthly electricity usage was high at 63,200kWh, largely due to the amount of time required for the sodium lamps to warm up and reach full power. After the installation of the new LED lamps, the average monthly electricity usage dropped significantly to 41,000kWh.

The initiative allows ebm-papst UK to save an average of 266,400kWh annually, and in addition the new lamps will also provide financial savings of up to £24,000 a year. Taking steps such as these are a smart way for businesses to not only save money but also to play their part in committing to a sustainable future.

Jennifer McColl
Commercial & Marketing
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