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15 June 2012

**WARNING** Pre-planning for the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic games

The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are almost upon us and whilst they have been, and will continue to offer some fantastic business opportunities we would like to ensure that further opportunities during the games are not lost through lack of planning.

During the games due to their location certain companies will experience unusually challenging conditions for its business. London and the South of England will be particularly affected but events are being staged anywhere from Glasgow to Weymouth.

Road closures, areas to avoid and areas where you can expect delays can be viewed on the following website:

Please see listed below ideas some of our customers are already considering -

Carrying out planned preventative maintenance prior to the games to limit potential breakdowns of machinery and infrastructure.

Asking their customers if spare parts can be stored on site to minimise the need for deliveries during the games.

Locating engineers closer to site during the games (within prearranged waiting areas).

Having a quick response team (using motorbikes) for emergency breakdowns.

Ensuring ebm-papst products are ordered and in stock prior to the games commencing.

If we can be of any further assistance during this exciting time please feel free to contact us on the usual numbers.

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