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12 July 2013

ebm-papst UK invests heavily in manufacturing facility

ebm-papst UK, has heavily invested in an on-site metal working facility at its UK headquarters in Chelmsford.


Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-efficiency fans and motors, ebm-papst, has heavily invested in an on-site metal working facility at its UK headquarters in Chelmsford.

The new facility means ebm-papst UK can now create custom-made sub-assemblies for the air movement industry: with the design, manufacture and distribution all taking place on-site.

The UK manufacturing industry has lost a lot of trade to the Chinese market in recent years but to benefit from the cheaper costs customers have typically had to sacrifice two things – quality and tailoring.

ebm-papst’s UK metal working facility produces component parts for sub-assemblies to the highest quality, and meets customer preference in relation to the order size. Customers can order one component part, or 100. The new metal working capability means that ebm-papst does not insist on minimum order quantities.

Product testing also takes place at the Chelmsford headquarters within the self-contained facility. ebm-papst looks to employ the highest calibre of staff and thanks to the employees’ unparalleled knowledge in their respective fields the products are not required to be signed off or tested by an external body. This means ebm-papst has full control through the chain.

Ray Ladyman ebm-papst UK Operations Director said: “We look to lead the industry in all that we do, while offering our customers the best possible service. The metal working investment at our UK headquarters means that we can respond quickly and efficiently to customer demand.

“We offer flexible business solutions to all of our customers. Some want standard component parts for sub-assemblies, others give a conceptual idea for a bespoke design which we then create, or the customer provides the designs from the outset, which we then produce.”

The UK headquarters has housed a production facility since 2004 and the metal working capability was added to this area in 2012. The factory holds in excess of £4.5 million stock items at any one time, which means ebm-papst can deliver high quality goods, on time, all while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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