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22 June 2012

Don’t miss out on government tax relief through ECA scheme

ebm-papst EC Motors Eligable for Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECAs).


The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme, which is part of the government’s programme to manage climate change, gives businesses tax relief for investments in equipment that meets energy-saving criteria.

ebm-papst, Europe’s leading manufacturer of high efficiency fan and motor technology, says companies may be missing out on claiming up to 100% of the cost when they buy eligible equipment, such as EC motors.

EC technology was originally developed by ebm-papst in the 1970s and it consumes considerably less energy than conventional motors due to its innovative use of permanent magnets.

Helen McHugh, head of sustainability at ebm-papst, says: “There is a very clear website managed by the Carbon Trust where companies can find out if they are eligible to make a claim for the cost of certain equipment.

“Essentially capital allowances let businesses write off the whole capital cost of buying new machinery – like motors – against their profits for the same year of purchase.

“It was introduced as an incentive to encourage companies to invest in energy-saving equipment and it’s a useful way for businesses to have maximise return on investment.”

Helen says: “We have been working with the Carbon Trust for some time and are proud to not only have our products feature in the eligible energy technology product list, but also to be the first and only company to be listed for EC motors. If in doubt, we can help businesses find out if new purchases through us are eligible for the ECA.”

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