Energy-saving fans and energy-saving motors (ESM)

By James Cooper – Product Manager - 18th April 2018

Energy-saving fans and energy-saving motors were developed for use in refrigerated and freezer cases. Depending on the fan design (axial, centrifugal, diagonal), these fans are available in various sizes with diameters from 130 to 300 mm and can cope with different system resistances.

Due to the aerodynamically optimised impeller, energy-saving motors (ESM) run more quietly and more efficiently, achieving a motor efficiency of more than 65 %, a figure more than three times higher than conventional shaded-pole motors.

The input power is often able to be reduced to less than a fifth of existing motors in real-world applications, since shaded-pole motors are usually not operated at their maximum efficiency in the application. This efficiency pays for itself in a matter of months.

High efficiency also means a lower intrinsic heating during operation, which dissipates less heat into the environment. Energy-saving motors (ESM) offer outputs between 5 and 35 W, operate with 230 V or 115 V supply voltage and provide additional options such as an automatic decrease to a second working speed with a simple switch connection. With a programming unit, which is specifically designed for use in manufacturing and field service, the two default speed steps for the energy-saving fans can easily be reprogrammed with the help of a user-friendly navigation menu.

With an attachable interface module (ESM+), the energy-saving motor can quickly be expanded by adding a 0-10 VDC control input and a +10 V voltage output (10 V, max. 1.1 mA). The energy-saving motor can then provide a direct power supply for an external pressure or temperature sensor, for example. An additional, external power supply is not necessary. In addition, the ESM+ interface module offers a Tacho signal for speed monitoring.

For refrigerated cases with low voltage LED lighting systems, energy-saving fans suitable for 24 VDC low voltage are available. These versions offer an integrated 0-10 VDC control input for a linear closed-loop speed control and a speed signal for speed monitoring.

Finally, Energy Saving motors (ESM) have also joined their larger EC cousins with the ability to interface via Modbus-RTU. This innovative solution for display case fans allows the potential to control and monitor fans in real time and react quickly to changing applications. It also allows focussed preventative maintenance to limit downtime within a store.

Example - 70 % savings with W1G200 axial fan.

In a small supermarket, 200 fans operate in refrigerated display cases. Compared to conventional shaded pole motors ESM fans lead to savings of 38 MWh and 22 tonnes of CO2 per annum. This leads to potential cost saving: £3,800 per annum*.

* Based on price of 10p/kWh.

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