ebm-papst UK White Papers

The future of intra-logistics

In intra-logistics applications, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are the method of choice for guaranteeing a flexible and reliable flow of goods in the age of digitalization and Industry 4.0. As varied as these nimble and versatile helpers may look, they all have one thing in common: They require compact, dynamic drive systems which satisfy high requirements.

Energy-saving fans and energy-saving motors

Designed for use in refrigerated and freezing cases, energy-saving fans and motors have been specifically developed to meet the demands of modern day Supermarkets. Product Manager, James Cooper, goes into detail about the new technology used in the ESM product range.

ebm-papst Drive Systems – Benefiting High Tech Applications

Electric drive motors form an integral part of modern society as we enthusiastically embrace automation in all areas of our lives, whether it’s robotics, industrial automation, electric vehicles, medical equipment or household appliances. They all demand advanced motor and drives solutions to deliver the performance required, with many applications demanding higher performances in a smaller package.

RadiPac & FanGrid – Optimum Solution for AHU’s

Whether you are planning to install new equipment or upgrade existing equipment, one of the essential elements in delivering the best energy efficiency is to install EC fans. Fans account for as much as 60% of the power consumption of equipment such as AHU’s, therefore by selecting the most efficient fans and optimising the system design, significant savings can be achieved.

Fan Types – Why Choose a Backward Curved Centrifugal fan?

The non-overloading characteristic, the ability to install the fan with or without a scroll and an impeller design that offers the highest static efficiency of all types of fans means that the backward curved fan is a flexible, adaptable fan design that can be used across a wide range of installations.

40 years on - Reinventing the Pink Floyd Pig

Inspired by Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ album from 1977, Architecture Social Club has created a visual experience turning Pink Floyd’s music into a living, breathing, immersive environment. ebm-papst teamed up with the artists to provide technical expertise along the way.

Tangential blower with EC motors and multiple housings for building HVAC

HVAC is one of the main considerations in any modern building, and to meet the demands of a smart building it is essential it has the flexibility to respond quickly to meet the variable demands. GreenTech EC fans are key to delivering optimum performance and flexibility of HVAC equipment.

RadiCal & FlowGrid - used in Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Microbiological safety cabinets are a crucial piece of equipment used by high-tech industries.Demands to protect personnel, product, and the environment from exposure to biohazards and cross contamination has never been more critical. As a result, the need to improve Microbiological safety cabinets have increased.

Data centre cooling, air management and upgrading to EC technology

A look at the impact of inefficient cooling and airflow management in legacy Data centres; and how simple steps, including upgrading the fan technology to EC fans, can make a system more efficient, quieter and give a new lease of life to old equipment.