AxiCool axial fans for cooling units and evaporators

Setting new standards in cold storage - AxiCool fans

AxiCool fans set new standards on the evaporator and cooling unit market. Not least thanks to the level of system efficiency achieved through the perfect interaction of the individual components. And that's not the only good thing about AxiCool: The compact axial fan is also extremely easy to handle and offers outstanding efficiency throughout whilst making sparing use of resources. Convenient service, ease of operation and excellent air throw round off the spectrum of positive features. The AxiCool fans are based on the HyBlade® product range.

AxiCool fans - for quick installation in evaporators

4,3,2,1 – done! Four screws and the AxiCool fan is fitted.

Plug and play: There is no longer any need to worry about centring and gap dimensions. Just four screws are required for fitting the AxiCool fan! Quick and easy. And thanks to the connection line, fan installation takes no time at all.

Customer benefits

  • Quick mounting with just four screws
  • Simple installation by way of the connection line

AxiCool fans guarantee maximum efficiency in cold stores

Size 350 for example: 25% lower power consumption than an AC fan

The ErP Directive sets down stringent specifications to come into effect in 2015. So it is reassuring to know that these specifications on binding limit values are already surpassed by ebm-papst and that all the benefits of this superior efficiency are there for customers to enjoy. In a nutshell: AxiCool fans can reduce power consumption by up to 25%. What's more, ideal system regulation guarantees highly efficient operation - even at part load. And last but not least, optimised cooling and thawing cycles also help to enhance efficiency.

Customer benefits

  • Efficiency specifications as per ErP2013 and ErP2015 already surpassed today
  • Up to 25% lower power consumption
  • Highly efficient operation even at part load
  • Optimised cooling and thawing cycles

Truly sustainable - the AxiCool concept

Ecology and preservation of resources – two of the factors in the AxiCool fan success story.

n our view ecology, sustainability and economical operation are inseparable issues. This GreenTech concept is embedded in the ebm-papst philosophy and characterises the entire life cycle: It stands for recycling, waste avoidance, ecological materials, lower emission levels, reduced energy consumption and hence greater efficiency.

AxiCool fans for instance attain just such efficiency with a GreenTech EC motor, which operates at various speed settings or with regulation by way of a linear interface. In addition the AxiCool product range supports the concept of sustainability with a particularly long service life. It is often possible to preserve resources with simple means: From the outset, AxiCool fans were designed to have smooth surfaces to facilitate cleaning and so save water.

Customer benefits

  • GreenTech concept combining ecology, sustainability and economical operation through the use of a GreenTech EC motor for example
  • Preservation of resources by using less water

AxiCool fans - from Standard to High-End

No matter how efficient the components are, the overall result will only be ideal if everything is in perfect balance: System efficiency. So it is good to know that the AxiCool product range operates on precisely this principle.

Whichever version of the AxiCool fan you decide on: You can be sure of making the right choice, as the innovative features incorporated into this product range always produce perfect results. Four versions of the axial fan are available: A standard version, a version with hinge for easier cleaning or with air-guiding system for ideal cold storage cold air distribution and a high-end version with hinge and air-guiding system offering the full range of advantages.

AxiCool air performance range.

The AxiCool fans can be supplied as size 300, 350 and 450 mm models with AC or GreenTech EC motor to suit all requirements: For instance, AxiCool is also available for both airflow directions. In addition, the EC technology permits control by way of two speed settings or regulation via a linear interface.

Maximum hygiene in cold stores, optimum food safety

AxiCool with hinge – and cleaning becomes child's play.

AxiCool fans have an important function to fulfil: Namely, to keep food in cold storage fresh under hygienic conditions. That's why AxiCool is specially designed to ensure an ideal environment right from the start – with the emphasis on hygiene and food safety.

A high standard of refrigeration is required to maintain the quality of stored products – only minimal temperature fluctuations and drying-out of the refrigerated items are permissible and the evaporator thawing cycles must be short. All these conditions are satisfied by the ideal distribution of cold air in the cold store and innovative concepts such as the patented wall ring design. AxiCool fans are fully equipped to meet special challenges such as cheese maturing processes or the storage of sensitive fruit and vegetables.

With regard to hygiene AxiCool fans cut no corners. AxiCool features a high level of splash water protection (up to IP 54) and smooth surfaces with no visible screws. The great advantage: Dirt cannot get a grip. And the hinge function ensures easy cleaning of the evaporator or heat exchanger to HACCP specifications. Simply unfasten the screws, open up the fan and perform cleaning.

AxiCool benefits at a glance

Perfection means a perfect match. And with AxiCool the combination of components used creates all sorts of advantages.

Patented cavity wall ring with hinge

  • Two-piece plastic wall ring
  • Integrated channels for water drainage, thus resulting in less ice formation and shorter thawing cycles
  • Simple and convenient retrofitting of heating tape: For optimised thawing cycles and reduced transfer of heat into cooling chamber
  • Quick and easy to fit with 4 screws
  • Innovative, aerodynamic efficiency-enhancing shape
  • Quiet running thanks to ideal aerodynamic design
  • Easy-clean surfaces to satisfy maximum hygiene standards
  • Hinge mounting allows fan to be simply opened up for easy, convenient cleaning of heat exchanger

HyBlade® impeller

  • HyBlade® impeller made of innovative composite material
  • More efficient than other fans on the market thanks to profiled blade geometry and winglets
  • Aerodynamically optimised shape reduces noise by up to 4 dB(A) as compared to other fans available to date

GreenTech EC motor

  • Compact axial fan unit: Direct integration of external rotor motor into axial impeller
  • Highly efficient operation for excellent energy efficiency
  • Low energy consumption with values already surpassing the stringent specifications of the ErP Directive for 2015
  • Less waste heat
  • Safety class IP 54 for optimum splash water protection
  • Exact regulation of air flow – with 0–10 V linear or PWM input and speed signal for controlled operation
  • Extremely durable thanks to maintenance-free ball bearings and brushless commutation

Safety grille/support bracket

  • Rugged design with flat metal safety grille: Simple mechanical cleaning in the event of ice formation
  • Versions with air-guiding system are provided with a support bracket
  • Motor cover for extra splash water protection

Air-guiding system

  • Air-guiding system can double fan air throw with comparable flow rate
  • More even cold storage cold air distribution
  • Uncomplicated retrofitting of air-guiding system
  • Air-guiding system is easy to detach for machine washing for example