AxiCool fans for evaporators and cooling units - A breath of fresh air in refrigeration technology

Setting tomorrow’s standards by keeping our eyes on the future today

AxiCool represents a new level in the evaporator and air cooler market, thanks to the high system efficiency achieved through the perfect interaction of the individual components. With advantages for both the application and for operators, AxiCool offers even more: The compact axial fan features excellent air throw, easy handling, maximum operating safety, and economical operation. Exceptional design, ease of operation, and the sparing use of resources round off the spectrum of positive features. The AxiCool fans are based on the HyBlade® product range.

Already exceeding tomorrow’s demands today.

Extremely efficient

We apply the stringent specifications of the ErP Directive. It is reassuring to know that these specifications on binding limit values are already surpassed by ebm-papst and that all the benefits of this superior efficiency are there for customers to enjoy. In other words, AxiCool can reduce power consumption by up to 46 %. What’s more, ideal system regulation guarantees high efficiency figures even at part load. And last but not least, optimized cooling and defrosting cycles also contribute to greater system efficiency.

Customer benefits

  • Future efficiency specifications are already surpassed today
  • Up to 46 % less power consumption
  • High efficiency figures even at part load
  • Optimized cooling and defrosting cycles

Targeted use of enormous air volume

It’s your choice: AxiCool in AC or EC

The axial fans of the AxiCool series were designed specially for use in evaporators and air coolers. The clever system solution can be installed both to draw air in and push air out. The AxiCool portfolio offers a selection of AC or energy-efficient GreenTech EC motors. Thanks to an efficiency that is significantly better than AC fans, EC fans reduce the heat transfer into the cold store, which is naturally a great advantage for cooling applications. At the same time, energy consumption is reduced. This way, the overall efficiency of the refrigerating plant can be increased further.

The axial fans of the AxiCool series are suitable for air performance up to 24.600 cfm

The entire fan unit, consisting of the motor, electronics, impeller, and fan housing system with guard grill is measured at varying load states. This ensures that we obtain reliable data, and that you can count on these values being reached when selecting a fan.

Your application

The result will be ideal only if all the components are matched perfectly to each other, resulting in a high overall fan system efficiency. It is good to know that the AxiCool series operates precisely on this principle. All the components – fan guard, venturi housing, HyBlade® impeller, GreenTech EC motor and control electronics – are perfectly matched to each other. The result is an energy-efficient Plug & Play unit ready to install with low noise generation. This gives you outstanding conditions for good labeling of your products.

A giant leap into the future: big data

New directions for efficient refrigeration: A serial MODBUS interface can be used to connect the fans easily to each other and to integrate them in the building system automation to monitor the refrigeration circuit, for example. In addition, it is becoming easier to access the refrigeration technology by remote monitoring – an option that will certainly become more important in the future. A broad field of applications should also become accessible to the “big guys” of the AxiCool series in industrial and commercial refrigeration as an efficient Plug & Play solution perfectly tailored to the application, and for good measure, compact as well.

So fresh will stay fresh

The AxiCool series has an important function to fulfi ll: to keep food in cold storage fresh under hygienic conditions. That’s why AxiCool is specially designed to ensure an ideal environment right from the start – with the emphasis on hygiene and food safety.

Optimum food safety

A high standard of refrigeration is required to maintain the quality of stored products – only minimal temperature fl uctuations and drying-out of the refrigerated items is permissible and the defrosting cycles must be short. All these conditions are satisfi ed by the ideal distribution of cold air in the cold room, aided by innovative concepts such as the patented fan housing design. AxiCool is fully equipped to meet special challenges such as cheese maturing processes or the storage of sensitive fruit and vegetables.

Maximum hygiene

When it comes to hygiene, AxiCool does not compromise. AxiCool features a high level of splash water protection (up to IP 55) and smooth surfaces with no visible screws. The great advantage: dirt cannot get a grip. Furthermore, the hinge function ensures easy cleaning according to HACCP specifi cations. The integrated hinge function in AxiCool up to size 450 makes cleaning especially fast. Simply unfasten the screws, open up the fan, and clean it.

Great performance for any dimension

For commercial and industrial applications: The advanced AxiCool series covers the entire range of evaporators and air coolers. With the new 500, 630, and 800 sizes, you can now manage your applications effectively on a large scale. To put it in a nutshell: AxiCool fans are really versatile.

Applications for commercial or industrial air coolers:

  • Refrigeration of unpackaged goods
  • Cold stores with heavy foot traffic
  • Deep freezing
  • Complex cooling tasks

Commercial application 

Industrial application 

A fresh breeze for industrial refrigeration

With the AxiCool, a significant part of the air swirl is deflected through a stationary streamer in the axial direction before exiting into the room. The increased air velocity helps the AxiCool to achieve a static pressure increase and thus greater air flow. At the same time, this relieves pressure from the motor, which can be noticed by a reduction in the power consumption. To put it in a nutshell: The AxiCool conveys more air with less energy consumption.

Conventional AC fan with short nozzle: The air flows behind the axial impeller in widening spiral swirls into the room.

Example of AxiCool in the AC version  

Example of AxiCool in the EC version  

AxiCool fan – quickly installed in the evaporator

Plug & Play: There is no longer any need to worry about aligning and gap dimensions. Installation of the AxiCool is quick and easy – just a few screws and a cable connection are required.

Customer benefits

  • Quick installation
  • Simple cable connection

from Standard to High-End

AxiCool sizes up to 450 are available in four versions:

A standard version, a version with hinge for easier cleaning or with guide vane for ideal cold storage air distribution in the cold store. And a high-end version with hinge and guide vane offering the full range of advantages.

AxiCool sizes from 500 are available in two versions:

A standard version with integrated guide vane and installation track for the heating tape. And a high-end version with additional fan housing protection for less heat transfer into the cold store and the highest hygiene standards. A cable version is standard with the AxiCool fans. Both versions are available with a terminal box design as an option.

Perfection means a perfect match

The AxiCool system in sizes 300, 350 and 450.

Patented double-wall housing  


HyBlade® impeller  

GreenTech EC motor  

Guard grill  

Guide vanes  

Picture with guide vane  

Picture without guide vane  

Built for the big challenges

The AxiCool system in sizes 500, 630 and 800

Patented fan housing system  

Fan housing protection (high-end version)  

HyBlade® impeller  

Terminal box (optional)  

GreenTech EC motor  


Guide vanes  

Guard grill  

Ecology and preservation of resources: GreenTech by ebm-papst.

In our view, ecology, sustainability, and economical operation are inseparable issues. This GreenTech concept is embedded in the ebm-papst philosophy and characterizes the entire lifecycle of the product with recycling, waste avoidance, ecological materials, lower emission levels, reduced energy consumption and hence greater efficiency. For example, AxiCool attains this efficiency with a GreenTech EC motor that operates at various speed settings or with regulation by way of a linear interface. In addition, AxiCool supports the concept of sustainability with a particularly long service life. It is often possible to preserve resources with simple means. From the outset, AxiCool was designed to have smooth surfaces to facilitate cleaning and thus save water.

Customer benefits

  • GreenTech concept combining ecology, sustainability, and economical operation by using a GreenTech EC Motor
  • Less water required for cleaning

Six reasons that make us the ideal partner

Our systems expertise. As experts in advanced motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics, we provide system solutions from a single source.

Our spirit of invention. Our 600 engineers and technicians will develop a solution that precisely fits your needs.

Our lead in technology. Our GreenTech EC technology is setting standards worldwide. And our lead is your competitive advantage.

Proximity to our customers. At 57 sales offices worldwide. Our standard of quality. Our quality management is uncompromising, at every step in every process.

Our sustainable approach. We assume responsibility with our energy-saving products, environmentally-friendly processes, and social commitment.