RadiPac EC centrifugal fans for air handling units (AHU)

RadiPac at a glance

  • A coherent concept
    • Simple and safe
    • Systematic efficiency
  • Optimised interaction
    • High-performance impeller
    • GreenTech EC motor
    • Electronics with connection area
  • Convincing performance
  • From impeller to motor system
  • Product search for centrifugal fans RadiPac

A coherent concept

RadiPac stands for...

Realistic performance specifications, as the performance data of the entire fan is continuously measured by means of the components: high-performance impeller, GreenTech EC motor and control electronics.

Effective logistics, as a single RadiPac part number includes all components required for your ventilation demands – in the fashion of one-stop shopping.

Simple commissioning, as all features necessary for operation are already installed and adapted to one another.

Simple and safe

A clear advantage over conventional fans (left) with additional devices: The GreenTech EC fan (right) can be installed quickly with all features already on board.

Together, the electronics and motor form one unit – this doesn't just save space, but also ensures easy installation: in this respect, an integrated electronics system for commutation and control replaces an external frequency converter. What’s more, as the motor and electronics in the motor system are already perfectly matched to one another, additional electronic filters and shielded cables are unnecessary, for example an additional motor protecting switch.

To sum up: there is no need for any costly component matching on commissioning or for earthing and screening work. Plug & Play really is that simple.

Compact design

The high-performance impeller is mounted directly on the rotor of the external rotor motor. This saves space and allows the entire rotating unit to be balanced at the same time.

Systematic efficiency

Measurements at the Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK) Dresden show that the maximum efficiency of the entire system can only be achieved if the built-in components are combined in the best possible way. All told, the redesign of the flow machine resulted in an efficiency increase of more than 13 percent for the RadiPac fans. Based on results for size 400 fans.

"The result is what matters" – this also applies to efficiency. After all, it is not just the efficiency of individual components which is decisive, but rather the result of their interaction. This is where RadiPac shines with its impressive statistics. The impeller, motor and electronics system are all optimally adjusted to one another, leading to an overall efficiency of well above 60 %. A significant contribution to this efficiency is made by the external rotor design GreenTech EC motor.

This is a mains-powered, permanently energised synchronous motor with electronic commutation (also called BLDC). Its efficiency is significantly higher than the efficiency class IE4, and it achieves this without the use of supply-critical rare-earth magnets. On account of their design, other permanent magnet motors of the internal rotor type that offer comparable efficiency require rare-earth magnets. This means that they are less compact and more difficult to assemble and commission due to the necessary external control electronics.

Only optimised interaction ensures that the whole is more than the sum of its parts

High-performance impeller

High static efficiency

  • Aerodynamically optimised blade channel
  • Integrated rotation diffuser
  • Inlet nozzle adjusted to impeller

Low noise emissions

  • Angular trailing edge for optimised flow control
  • Integrated rotation diffuser
  • Inlet nozzle adjusted to impeller

Low vibration

  • Dynamic balancing of the impeller rotor unit minimises the occurrence of structure-borne noise and reduces bearing load

Robust design

  • Suitable for long-term high circumferential speeds
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • Airfoil blade

GreenTech EC motor

Unrivalled compactness

  • The impeller is mounted directly onto the motor rotor

High efficiency

  • Low copper and iron loss
  • No slip loss thanks to synchronous running
  • No hysteresis loss in the rotor due to use of permanent magnets

Economical operation

  • Optimised commutation permits partial-load operation up to 1:10 with maintenance of high efficiency

Low noise emissions

  • Commutation and stator design permit low-noise magnetisation of the field system
  • High, acoustically imperceptible pulse frequency

Long service life

  • Maintenance-free bearings
  • Brushless commutation

Safe operation

  • Insulated bearing system to avoid bearing currents

Electronics with connection area


  • Infinitely variable speed settings
  • Control signal 0 –10 V DC and MODBUS

Universal applicability

  • Wide voltage ranges for worldwide use
  • Suitable for 50 and 60 Hz power lines

Safe operation

  • Integrated anti-lock and excess temperature protection
  • Environment-resistant cable glands

Simple commissioning

  • Central terminal area for power supply, alarm relay, control and communication
  • Secure separation of terminal area and electronics
  • High-quality terminal clamps
  • No adjustment effort required

Convincing performance

Air performance range of the RadiPac series

The performance measurements for all fans are conducted on cutting edge chamber test rigs. The entire fan unit, consisting of the motor, the control electronics and the impeller, is measured at different load levels. This provides us with reliable data, meaning that when you are choosing your fans, you can count on these values being met. This rules out any nasty surprises when commissioning the fans. The measurement data form the basis for the selection program available on request.

This software enables you to calculate operational costs or to conduct a comprehensive cost analysis across the life-cycle.

From impeller to motor system

The better the interaction works, the more impressive the result.

Individual RadiPac components are precisely adjusted to one another, which produces an outstanding result: the highest possible system efficiency. The basis for this is a combination of highly developed components and innovative technology.

In a class of their own: the new RadiPac models.

RadiPac EC centrifugal fans score well with their excellent characteristics – from high efficiency to easy handling and low space requirements. And in doing so, the product range completely covers the air performance range depicted below.