EC centrifugal blowers with high power density

Innovative and unique

All of our customer benefits at a glance:

  • Modular connection or structure possible – you can expand your air curtain at any time
  • Quick start-up
  • Standards-compliant parallel connection through Active PFC
  • High power density
  • Reliable operation even at high temperatures
  • Impeller, motor, control electronics, and housing as a compact unit, system concept, plug & play

All of our product benefits at a glance:

  • Air flow up to 3,000 m³/h
  • Robust sheet steel
  • Compact design thanks to external rotor motor
  • Forced electronics cooling
  • Consistent series for every application
  • 100 % speed control through analog or serial interface
  • Simple start-up thanks to perfectly matched components: open loop control, motor, fan
  • Plug & play

All in all: Leading the way.


Robust design

  • Solid steel housing/industrial design
  • Aerodynamic housing contour
  • Proven, durable construction
  • Galvanized sheet steel, corrosion-resistant

Flexible installation

  • Installation with horizontal and vertical motor shaft

Simple mounting

  • Housing with discharge flange
  • Industry standard connection dimensions (simple 1:1 conversion)


Robust design

  • Galvanized sheet steel

Quiet operation

  • Impeller rotor unit dynamically balanced in two planes
  • High balance quality

High efficiency

  • Optimized aerodynamics

Flexible design

  • Increased air flow through parallel connection

GreenTech EC motor

Economical operation

  • Low copper and iron loss
  • No slip losses through synchronous running
  • No magnetic hysteresis losses in the rotor through the use of permanent magnets
  • High partial load efficiency

Low sound emissions

  • Optimized control and adapted stator design
  • Noise-optimized commutation

Safe operation

  • Insulated bearing system to prevent bearing currents
  • Enables partial load operation up to 1:10


High static efficiency

  • No adjustment effort as motor, electronics, and control from a single source
  • Central plug-in area for power and control inputs
  • Compact design through optimized cooling of power electronics
  • No parameter setting required during start-up
  • Safe separation between terminal area and electronics

Flexible open loop control

  • Smoothly adjustable speed
  • Control via 0–10 V / PWM and MODBUS-RTU
  • Error message output
  • Interface with SELV

Safe operation

  • Locked rotor and thermal overload protection
  • Disconnection in case of malfunction

Universally deployable

  • For use with 50- and 60-Hz grids
  • Electronics with IP54 protection
  • Extended voltage input 1 ~ 200 V – 277 V

Performance range

About power measurement  

The air curtain principle

Air curtains are used wherever cold air needs to be separated from warmer air. In just a matter of seconds, they generate a wall of air that prevents cold air from mixing with the warm air in adjoining areas, for example in cold storage rooms or at goods reception.

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Straight to high power density

See for yourself: The new EC centrifugal blowers from ebm-papst start up faster than conventional EC models, while operating considerably quieter and with greater energy efficiency. The "heart" of this speedy starter, available in fan sizes 160 to 250, is a GreenTech EC motor with a power of 0.75 kW. The chart on the right shows the start-up time to reach the max. speed.

Optimised operation

Benefit from newly developed electronics with Active Power Factor Correction in the power range up to 750 W: Active PFC filters out unwanted harmonics and helps to achieve excellent power factors of up to λ = 0.99. Current peaks are also reduced by up to 50 %. The connection of several fans in parallel is then no problem. Active PFC from ebm-papst thus opens up completely new perspectives for operating air conditioning systems!

Power factor λ = 0.53

Power factor λ = 0.99

The advantages of a new idea

It used to be that AC fans were typically used in applications, however since 2015 these often no longer meet the applicable requirements of the ErP Directive (ecodesign directive). There is now an alternative for such applications that complies with the ErP directive: Energy-efficient EC centrifugal blowers reach full blast at lightning speed and offer numerous additional advantages.

Six reasons that make us the ideal partner:

  • Our systems expertise. As experts in advanced motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics, we provide system solutions from a single source.
  • Our spirit of invention. Our 600 engineers and technicians will develop a solution that precisely fits your needs.
  • Our lead in technology. Our GreenTech EC technology is setting standards worldwide. And our lead is your competitive advantage.
  • Proximity to our customers. At 57 sales offices worldwide.
  • Our standard of quality. Our quality management is uncompromising, at every step in every process.
  • Our sustainable approach. We assume responsibility with our energy-saving products, environmentally-friendly processes, and social commitment.