RadiCal DC centrifugal fans – the SMART solution

The efficient and robust DC centrifugal fan

  • The RadiCal DC centrifugal fan for demanding applications
  • Top performance in figures
  • Application examples
  • Efficiency in a new dimension
  • Ideal concept. Robust product. The RadiCal DC centrifugal fan
    Cable connection
    Sealing element with diaphragm
    GreenTech DC motor
  • Impeller High
  • The story of the RadiCal DC
  • Six reasons that make us the ideal partner

The RadiCal centrifugal fan for demanding applications

At a glance:

  • Air flow up to 1,800 m³/h
  • Pressure increase up to 800 Pa
  • Patented diaphragm technology
  • UL approval
  • Compact design
  • Robust, light, reliable
  • Plug & play
  • Long service life and maintenance-free
  • Infinitely variable speed control

Top performance of the RadiCal in figures

Air performance range 48V

Air performance range 24V  

Air performance range 12V  

Power measurements  

Application examples

ebm-papst has been an innovative development partner and technology trendsetter in the field of IT and telecommunications applications for many years. Whether it is a matter of cooling electronics in a corrosive environment with high temperatures or under fluctuating conditions with frequent changes in temperature and humidity: Our solutions can always be relied on to provide safe and efficient operation. This applies even to the most extreme situations, in monsoon regions for example. A robust design, reliability and energy efficiency are the key factors. That’s "SMART".

Decades of refrigeration technology experience make ebm-papst ideally equipped to deal with these challenges. Our tried-and-tested product series have proved their outstanding ability to perform complex cooling tasks in thousands of standard and customized solutions. Expertise that has also gone into our RadiCal product range and is predestined to deal with the requirements of electronics cooling.

Base stations permit mobile communication all over the world. ebm-papst fans keep the electronics at a steady low temperature and ensure reliable heat dissipation. This minimizes the risk of component failure and extends the system service life. Our fans have already provided evidence of their reliability under the toughest conditions: Installed in base stations in the tropics, in alpine regions, in deep valleys, at all temperatures and whatever the weather.

For control cabinets and IT hardware such as network and storage systems, for routers, servers and many other applications – you can always rely on the expertise of the world’s most innovative supplier of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology.

Efficiency in a new dimension

With RadiCal DC centrifugal fans, the external rotor motor is integrated into the impeller. Their compact design makes them suitable for even the most constricted installation spaces. The impeller forms a perfectly functioning unit together with the aerodynamically adapted inlet ring. Installation and connection could not be easier thanks to the plug & play concept.

Ideal concept. Robust product. The RadiCal DC centrifugal fan

Cable connection

Simple connection

  • Prefabricated cable
  • Different cable length available as an option
  • Wire end with wire-end ferrule

Robust design

  • Plug with efficient seal
  • Ingress of water not possible
  • UV-resistant


Simple commissioning

  • No adjustment effort as motor and control electronics come as a complete package

Safe operation

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Integrated locked rotor and thermal overload protection
  • Safe shutdown in the event of locked rotor
  • Optional speed and alarm output
  • Electronics with degree of protection IP69K
  • Overvoltage protection

Flexible open loop control

  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Control signal 0–10 V DC/PWM
  • Open collector speed signal

Electronics Sealing element with diaphragm

Safe operation

  • Specially developed elastic diaphragm protects electronic components
  • Hermetically sealed system
  • Continuous compensation for great and highly dynamic temperature fluctuations

GreenTech DC motor

Economical operation

  • Efficient part load operation thanks to optimized commutation

Maintenance-free operation

  • Long service intervals through the use of maintenance-free ball bearings
  • Brushless commutation

Safe operation

  • UL 507 Standard
  • Designed for continuous operation S1
  • Motor with degree of protection IP24

Sustainable design

  • Magnets without rare earth elements

Low sound emission level

  • Commutation and the stator design ensure low-noise magnetization of the main field
  • High, acoustically imperceptible cycle frequency
  • Optimized actuation and adapted stator design

Impeller High

High static efficiency

  • Aerodynamically optimized blade channel

Low sound emission level

  • Optimized blade pass noise

Minimal vibration

  • Dynamic balancing of the impeller rotor unit

Unrivaled compactness

  • The impeller is mounted directly on the rotor of the motor

The challenge

Fans that are directly exposed to ambient influences such as high temperatures, moisture or a corrosive atmosphere have to be protected. This applies particularly to the electronic assemblies. For standard applications it is sufficient to provide the circuit board with moisture-proof impregnation. Other measures are however required for more difficult environments involving rapid changes in temperature or extreme humidity, for example.

The challenge associated with rapid changes in temperature in an enclosure such as an electronics housing is the changing air density: As the temperature drops, the pressure decreases and the (moist) ambient air is drawn into the enclosure. If the temperature then rises, the pressure increases again and the air escapes but leaves the moisture behind. The frequent occurrence of such temperature fluctuations, for example in on/off operation, can cause moisture to accumulate and lead first to corrosion and then to failure of the electronics.

The patented innovation

A housing with a special patented diaphragm has been developed to provide the electronic components with optimum moisture-proofing. This moving diaphragm instantly compensates for the pressure fluctuations caused by rapid changes in temperature and stops the electronics housing “breathing”. The housing is hermetically sealed and has no problem withstanding even highly dynamic changes in temperature between –40 °C and up to +70 °C. The SMART uncompromising solution for every application.

The acid test

This new technology has been extensively tested with respect to all relevant influences such as moisture, temperature fluctuations and salt spray. An unusual experimental set-up was used to conduct a particularly tough test: Completely submerged in water, the motor unit operated for 1,700 hours – without even the slightest cause for complaint. So even monsoon rain no longer presents a problem. Mission accomplished!

Six reasons that make us the ideal partner

Our systems expertise. As experts in advanced motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics, we provide system solutions from a single source.

Our spirit of invention. Our 600 engineers and technicians will develop a solution that precisely fits your needs.

Our lead in technology. Our GreenTech EC technology is setting standards worldwide. And our lead is your competitive advantage.

Proximity to our customers. At 57 sales offices worldwide. Our standard of quality. Our quality management is uncompromising, at every step in every process.

Our sustainable approach. We assume responsibility with our energy-saving products, environmentally-friendly processes, and social commitment.