EC Control software permits the visualisation and programming of ebmBUS and MODBUS fan networks and can be configured for USB as well as serial and Ethernet interface converters. For version 2.0 and above, the Bluetooth adaptor is also supported. The software supports a maximum number of devices permitted by the bus protocol concerned (up to 7,905 fans with ebmBUS and 247 with MODBUS).

Download the cross reference to view each controller function (right).

Bluetooth Interface Adapter - 21503-1-0174

For wireless programming and monitoring, ebm-papst fans equipped with an RS485 interface can communicate with Pocket PCs PDAs or smartphones via the ebm-papst Bluetooth Adaptor. Only one Bluetooth Adapter is needed for communication with a system.

USB Adaptor - 21490-1-0174

The ebm-papst USB RS485 adapter is used to connect RS485 devices to a PC. ebm-papst EC Control software as of version 2.0 is required for this purpose. The software also contains the USB drivers needed for operation of the adapter.

Ethernet Interface Converter - 21488-1-0174

Interface converter for bi-directional connection of RS485 units and Ethernet-compatible PCs or Notebooks using EC Control (Art. No. 25714-2-0199) or EC Clone (Art. No. 25716-2-0199) software.

USB Relay Box - 10450-1-0174

The USB Relay Box is a relay actuator and isolated digital input module for USB bus. It provides 8 optically-isolated digital inputs with isolation protec-tion of 2,500 VDC for collecting digital inputs in noisy environments and 8 relay actuators for serving as on/off control devices or small power switches. For easy monitoring, each relay is equipped with one red LED to show it’s on/off status. The USB Relay Box’s eight optically-isolated digital input channels are ideal for digital input in noisy environments or with floating potentials.

Handheld Interface - VBK-2054

This device can be used for service purposes on site as well as to

program EC fans in laboratories and on production lines. Additionally, it

has full networking capability and can be used in complex network

structures. A limited basic parameter setting is also available for ease

of use. All devices have a powerful rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with

special charge control, amber light full graphic display, real-time clock

and clear and simple menu guide by push encoder. The ‘scan network’

function with subsequent monitor display of connected devices

makes control and operation of fan networks so much easier.