ebm-papst UK provides a range of accessories to complement your fan and controller choice to help provide an optimum control solution for your application. In turn these accessories allow the system to operate in the most energy efficient way. The accessories, covering temperature and pressure sensors, are designed and tested to work with the ebm-papst UK range of products to ensure your complete satisfaction.

DS85 Series

DS85 Series - Differential Pressure Sensor

The DS85 series of differential pressure sensors are suitable for measuring pressure difference in air or any other non-aggressive gas. Two pressure tappings feed either side of a silicon membrane which deflects to convert the pressure difference into a 0-10V DC signal. The output is linear and proportional to the pressure difference with respect to the range of the sensor. For example, a difference of 250Pa measured on a DS85 with a range of 0-500 Pa will give an output of 5VDC.


PT2-25 Refrigerant Pressure Transmitter

Specially developed for the industrial refrigeration industry, the PT2-25 refrigerant pressure transmitter provides a linear 4 - 20mA output signal proportional to the sensed refrigerant pressure. It is ideally suited for use with ebm-papst EC fans with integrated electronics where it can be connected directly to the fan to provide closed loop speed control. The sensor has a male DIN EN 175301-803-A connection and the mating IP65 female connector can be separately if required.



The PVT100 is a negative temperature coefficient device (or NTC) for use with ebm-papst controllers. The device is supplied so that the customer can connect / install the device into their equipment, in accordance with the ebm-papst controller specification.