Speed control is often overlooked when specifying fans, however significant savings can be had by the use of the correct controller and fan combination, not just direct savings in energy consumed by the fans but indirect savings from ancillary equipment. The addition of a controller can add extra functionality to products enhancing their usability and safety.

The Modbus Display & Control (MDC)

The MDC provides auto-addressing for ease of installation and commissioning, and supports four different operating modes; Monitor mode, Monitor and Control mode, Constant Volume/ Constant Pressure Control mode, Modbus Relay mode.

Configurable Generic Controller

Built on the same platform as CPC and CEC controllers, but offers a programmable solution. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) used to program the controller provides customers the ability to modify the configuration of the controller to their individual requirements.

Fan Condition Monitor

Designed especially for integration with ebm-papst’s Modbus enabled EC fans, the Fan Condition Monitor brings fans and alarms together – creating a simple monitoring system.

Thermal Management System


From simple controllers for 2 and 4 wire DC fans to a complete Thermal Management System with a PC interface.

EC temperature controller


Control modules with the sensors, simple manual speed controllers or monitor boards that connect only to the EC fan without additional wiring and power supply costs.


The controllers are designed to support different applications particularly in refrigeration, air conditioning and heating and ventilation using various accessories available to support pressure and temperature measurement.


EC Control software permits the visualisation and programming of ebmBUS and MODBUS fan networks and can be configured for USB as well as serial and Ethernet interface converters.


Accessories to complement your fan and controller choice to help provide an optimum control solution for your application.