ebm-papst DC fan technology provides a number of solutions to speed control to provide an efficient and guaranteed solution rather than simple variation of the supply voltage which could damage the fan. The first two of these solutions use extra control connections which link to the internal microprocessor. These control lines, either an analogue 0-10V DC voltage or a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal, give signals directly to the fan electronics to change the fan speed.

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Configurable Generic Controller - CGCxxx

Built on the same platform as CPC and CEC controllers, but offers a programmable solution. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) used to program the controller provides customers the ability to modify the configuration of the controller to their individual requirements.

DC Temperature Controller

DC Temperature Controller - CDCxxx

The DC temperature controller provides closed loop, temperature sensitive speed control for ebm-papst 2-wire and 3-wire DC fans. The controller regulates the electrical power supplied to the fan to maintain optimum performance and reliability. The controller regulates fan speed between 0% and 100% against the selected temperature profile and also incorporates a combined fan fail, sensor fail and over-temperature alarm.


RIB102 2 Channel Interface Board

This interface board has been designed to be used in conjunction with ebm-papst range of fans and controllers, to convert an open collector alarm signal to a volt free contact (relay output) to interface between otherwise incompatible hardware. The interface board provides 2 independent channels. Fan fail signals such as /17 /19 /37 or /39 can then trigger a NO or NC relay output.

A2P Controller

A2P Interface - CPCXXVV10UN-100

The A2P interface is a 0-10 volt to PWM converter and is designed to work with ebm-papst 4 wire PWM controlled DC fans. The interface translates the analogue voltage input to an equivalent PWM signal. The interface is matched to the fan so that with its very low power consumption, there is no need for a separate dedicated power supply.


Thermal Management System (TMS) - TMSB00000-01

The Thermal Management System (TMS) is a flexible and fully configurable controller that can be used with EC/DC four wire speed controlled fans. Each fan can be individually speed controlled against one of the two temperature sensor inputs. The controller has four Solid State Relays (SSR’s) that can be individually configured to give an alarm output against speed or temperature.