The EC-System starts in the heart of the motor within the fan and in the heart and mind of the inventor. EC technology first realised the full environmental benefits would only be achieved when the fans speed is controlled. With his background in control systems, the solution was not going to be simple 2 or 3 speed setting, but an intelligent system with fully modulating control, with an ability to convey fault situations and communicate with the wider world through building management systems.

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Temperature Control Module - 50010-1-0174

Two temperature sensors with differing profiles allow users to vary the

speed of EC by temperature. Each sensor will operate from the 10V output

of EC fans. The modules are supplied in a self contained, slim lined over

moulded body that allows for easy installation.

Differential Pressure Controller - DPC200-EPxx

The DPC differential pressure controller is suitable for non-corrosive media. The controller outputs a 0-10V DC signal suitable for controlling ebm-papst EC fans. The DPC can display and control based on pressure or volume as a closed loop system. For volume control a K factor needs to be input into the controller.

Pressure Sensor Regulator - 40100-2-7380

These two pressure sensor speed control devices are for refrigeration pressure control applications. The 0-10 V DC signal output is proportional to the refrigerant pressure. The output can be connected directly to ebm-papst EC fans providing a closed loop control.

Pressure Control - CCC000-AC04-01

A single phase PID EC fan speed controller for constant pressure. The pressure set point can be set by internal potentiometers or an external linear input.

EC Controller - CCC000-AD06-02

Stand alone control device for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology in conjunction with the corresponding sensors. Using the controlled 0-10V output or RS485 MODBUS RTU connection, ebm-papst fans with a corresponding input can be triggered. The function includes multi functional pressure and temperature control as well as display and entry of various parameters. The integrated LCD display provides easy operation across multiple levels.

Dual EC Controller - CN1082

The Dual EC fan controller is a mains powered, twin fan controller with

enclosure, suitable for all ebm-papst EC 0-10V speed controllable fans.

The fans run alternately based on a selectable change over period.

Potentiometers allow setting of the two fan speeds, normal and boost. The

fan speeds are selected by a switched live or from volt free contacts.

There is also an optional single-fan operation mode.

Industrial / Commercial HRU Controller - CN1083

The HRU (Heat Recovery Unit) controller is designed specifically for industrial / commercial heat recovery applications. The controller is a mains powered, twin fan controller suitable for all ebm-papst EC 0-10V speed controllable fans. Both fans are independently controlled with each speed set via an individual potentiometer.

Demand Ventilation Controller - CN1090

The Demand Ventilation Controller (DVC) is a demand control ventilation unit designed specifically for industrial / commercial applications. The controller is a mains powered, single / multiple fan speed controller suitable for all ebm-papst EC 0-10V and most PWM Open Collector speed controllable fans. Configurable Closed Loop PID control, single sensor, for e.g. Constant Pressure / Constant Volume applications. Configurable Open Loop Proportional Band control, either one or two sensors, e.g. for use with Temperature, Humidity, CO2 sensors etc. Compatible with 0-10V type sensors. Single or multiple fans.

Head Pressure Controller - CN1089

The Head Pressure Controller (HPC) varies the speed of EC fans to control the head pressure of a refrigeration circuit. The pressure sensor input and speed control output to the EC fans are 0-10VDC, control of 24 fans maximum. The set point may be set locally by means of a trim device on the control PCB. An optional PC interface allows set-point configuration and data logging from a PC. The controller allows the refrigeration system to be operated with a Floating Head Pressure, which can provide substantial energy saving and reduced compressor workload leading to increased service life.