Fan Condition Monitor – Intelligent integration

Designed especially for integration with ebm-papst’s Modbus enabled EC fans, the Fan Condition Monitor brings fans and alarms together – creating a simple monitoring system.


The Fan Condition Monitor uses a two-wire plus ground RS485 Modbus connection to initialise the fans and perform an auto address routine; enabling it to communicate with a network of up to 80 connected fans. The Fan Condition Monitor constantly checks the fan network for loss of communication, warnings and alarms.

The following parameters are monitored real-time and displayed on the LCD screen:

  • Warnings
  • Actual speed (RPM)
  • Real-time power consumption (W)
  • Motor temperature (°C)
  • Electronics temperature (°C)
  • Control input (%)
  • Fan serial number
  • Total power consumption of the fan array* (kW)

*This parameter is only available if the device is connected to 2 or more fans.


The Fan Condition Monitor is compatible with all versions of ebm-papst enabled Modbus fans, version 5.0 and later. With ‘Modbus-lite’ reduced functionality fans, the parameter ‘Motor Temperature’ will be displayed as “N/A”.

Alarm functions

In normal operation, the Fan Condition Monitor will display the operating conditions of the fans, and show a green LED. The monitor has the facility to scroll through the network to view set points, power consumption, alarm conditions and fan warnings.

The Fan Condition Monitor has the ability to distinguish between different fault priorities - represented by a red or a yellow LED. The red LED indicates a loss of Modbus communication or an activated alarm. The yellow LED indicates that a warning has been detected.

In the event of an alarm, the Fan Condition Monitor will immediately jump to the screen belonging to the alarmed fan. Similarly, if multiple fans are in an alarm state, the Fan Condition Monitor will always display the screen belonging to the last alarmed fan. Once this fan is restored to a healthy state, the Fan Condition Monitor will follow a sequence ensuring it always displays the last alarmed fan.

Further information

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