The Modbus Display & Control (MDC)

The Modbus Display & Control (MDC) is a device with two RS485 ports, a keypad for setting parameters and a display to view the status of the connected equipment. One port, the master RS485, communicates with ebm-papst Modbus enabled, electronically commutated fans with software version 5.0 or later using a two-wire plus ground RS485 connection. The second port, the slave RS485, communicates with a higher level third-party system such as a Building Management Systems (BMS), providing real-time monitoring and control data.


The MDC provides auto-addressing for ease of installation and commissioning, and supports four different operating modes:

• Monitor mode

Display Modbus data from fans such as Speed, Power, Motor temperature, Electronics temperature, Setpoint %, Hours run, Warnings.

• Monitor & Control mode

Display as above plus control fan speed by one, or a combination of:

 0-10V control signal input

 BMS system connected to the RS485 slave

 MDC keypad

• Constant Volume / Constant Pressure Control mode

Display as above but requires an external DS85 differential pressure sensor to maintain a constant volume / constant pressure. The setpoint is entered via keypad or RS485 slave port.

• Modbus Relay mode

Unique operating mode where the controller becomes a messenger between the fans and a BMS system thus allowing direct access to all Modbus registers on each fan.

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