Circulation blowers for hot air

Whether in kitchen stoves, ovens, climate-controlled cabinets, food and plate warmers or in medical devices, sterilisation units and drying ovens: ebm-papst hot-air blowers provide perfect air performance in both household and commercial applications.They render extremely quiet and reliable service.

  • Reliability in AC technology
  • The facts about ebm-papst hot-air blowers at a glance
  • The best example: Hot-air blower RRM 42 for pyrolytic ovens
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Reliability in AC technology

We rely on tried-and-tested shaded-pole motors for our hot-air blowers for ovens in domestic environments. In these cases, the hot air impeller is made of either stainless steel or die-cast aluminium, sometimes with a catalytic coating. Especially practical: Thanks to a special bearing bracket, the motor can also be installed outside the baking chamber to protect it from heat.

The facts about ebm-papst hot-air blowers at a glance

  • Ready to install
  • Impellers made from stainless steel or die-cast aluminium
  • Temperatures of 120 °C to 500 °C for short periods (pyrolytic self-cleaning)
  • Long service life

The best example: Hot-air blower RRM 42 for pyrolytic ovens

Pyrolytic ovens are a real benefit to cleanliness. Though they relieve the housewife or househusband of messy work, the hot-air blower does not get any relief at all. It must withstand temperatures up to 500 °C over a lengthy period of 1–2 hours without any decrease in output or function. Our RRM 42 hot-air blower has been developed for exactly this challenge, which it passes with flying colours – thanks to an exceptionally strong insulation, which provides ideal protection to the motor.

Product search for Hot-air blowers

The circulation blower for hot air and the drive motor that powers it are designed to withstand high ambient temperatures with no impairment of function and to guarantee a long service life.

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The competencies of ebm-papst: Motor technology, aerodynamics and electronics.

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