High-performance drive for automation

Modular system for ECI drives expanded with new 80 mm motor:

Modern drive solutions for automation call for customised motors. Modular systems with configurable modules for customised drive design are the appropriate solution. For years, ebm-papst with its modern ECI motor family has been offering a broad selection of drives, control electronics, gearboxes and brake and sensor modules that can be combined for tailored drive solutions. Now ebm-papst is expanding the existing range of motors from 30 to 63 mm diameter and powers from 30 to 400 W with a new power level: the ECI 80 with 80 mm diameter (Fig. 1) now offers rated drive power of up to 750 W in a compact design for demanding applications in robotics, conveyor, warehouse and sorting systems, medical equipment or battery-driven vehicles and driverless transportation systems.

The motor has an extremely high power density in a compact design. The high torque is transmitted through the 15 mm motor shaft. The special air gap on the rotor surface reduces the motor's detent torque to a minimum. The motor design was optimised for length and is available in three package lengths of 20, 40 and 60 mm, each in 24 V and 48 V versions. The largest version reaches a rated torque of 1.8 Nm at 750 W rated drive power. A special feature of the motor is its dynamics: the drive can be briefly overloaded by three times its rated torque, allowing a starting torque of 5.5 Nm to be reached. The high power density with outstanding overload capacity, high efficiency and the rugged, noise-optimised bearing system allow a wide range of possible uses. Logic and power supply are routed separately through a specially developed, rugged plug system that satisfies high industrial requirements.