Portable Fans - The EC Aura

Packed full of cutting edge technology, the EC Aura is an extremely quiet, energy efficient portable fan.

The EC Aura is a quiet yet powerful portable fan. Designed with a variable speed controller, the air flow can be varied to offer gentle cooling to high powered blowing.These fans provide an adjustable, energy efficient, low noise option to traditional temporary cooling solutions.


  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Available in 230VAC & 110VAC 50/60Hz versions
  • 180° adjustable tilt angle
  • ebm-papst GreenIntelligence energy efficient EC fan
  • Robust Polyethylene moulding
  • Rubber wheels and convenient handle for easy positioning
  • Extrusion coated polypropylene impellor
  • Heavy duty powder-coated wheeled frame for effortless positioning
  • Maintenance-free IP54 Motor
  • Supplied with adjustable EU and standard UK 3-pin


Mounted on wheels and being very light, the EC Aura is very mobile. The fan can be tilted 180 degrees making the fan extremely dynamic to cool or dry at many different angles and in many different environments.


The EC Aura’s appearance has been designed to be modern and contemporary without demanding too much attention. The sleek curves and stone coloured finish allows the EC Aura to fall seamlessly into the background and offers a refreshing alternative to brightly coloured, industrial alternatives. The unique design and functionality of the fan provides a large cooling area and high airflow volume without the need to oscillate; again reducing noise and disturbance. This makes it ideal for functions such as:

  • Stages/Events
  • Marquees
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals
  • Shops


The EC Aura is controlled by a variable speed controller. This controller gives fluid and precise speed control to ensure that the user can moderate the airflow to their needs. Having precise control over the speed of the fan is critical when using fans to cool indoors or in smaller areas, as it allows the user to limit the: noise, airflow and energy consumption of the product to ensure minimal disturbance. This makes the EC Aura an ideal product for events and high-profile functions as it provides minimal distractions, whilst providing sufficient cooling. Alternatively, turning the fan up to full capacity allows the user to cool an extreemly large area with far less effect and noise compared to similar products.


The EC Aura personnel cooler combines state of the art performance, efficiency and functionality whilst delivering quiet, efficient, flexibility for your cooling needs.

Designed to be portable while providing powerful and variable airflow. The EC Aura fans provide an energy efficient, low noise option to traditional temporary cooling solutions and are ideal for both industrial, leisure and commercial environments.

The EC Aura is available in 115 Volt (764-5811) and 230 Volt (764-5818) versions.

You can view the EC Aura, download the datasheet and buy one at RS Components.