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BCI motor

BCI - standard product, benchmark quality
Whether they are to be found in machinery, doors, vehicles, hospitals or even out on the golf course, they are the driving force in Great Britain. Although they are often put to use in quite basic applications, even these pose requirements that need to be fulfilled in the best possible way - we wouldn’t be ebm-papst if we didn’t have a first-class solution.

The excellent quality, reliability and long service life of our BCI series are what make the difference. Embodying our engineers’ best ideas in every single detail, each BCI excels in terms of performance, load rating and flexibility. And thanks to the high quality standards maintained at ebm-papst, they are extremely well made. Their versatility makes this product range a suitable drive solution in countless applications. Whatever your voltage and installation space requirements, we can provide the appropriate combination of gearboxes, sensors and brakes, all of which will also be available from your ebm-papst distribution partner very soon.

  • Designed for 12, 24, 40 or 60 VDC
  • Efficiency 75–80 %
  • Good motor dynamics
  • Service life: 3,000 h at nominal load and S1, any operating scenario
  • Reliable continuous operation, maintenance-free throughout product’s lifetime
  • Precision ball bearings with long-term lubrication
  • Wide motor speed range supported
  • Suitable for use even at low motor speeds
  • Beneficial in applications with a high starting torque and/or low operating speeds
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Optional radio interference suppression on request
  • Insulation class B in accordance with VDE 0530
  • Index of protection IP 40, higher level available as an option
  • Compatible with worm gears, spur gears and planetary gears
  • BCI motors can be combined with tachogenerators/encoders and brakes
  • Polarity: + = red, – = blue, direction of rotation on shaft when viewed from right
  • Strand length 300 mm (± 30 mm), strand ends stripped 7 mm and tin-coated

Benefits to you
ebm-papst quality and perfection down to the very last detail:

  • Low wear thanks to encapsulated ball bearings and covers
  • Very high resistance to overload
  • Outstanding EMC protection (optionally expandable)
  • Reduced vibration and noise levels
  • Shaft stepped on both sides for greater capacity to withstand axial loads
  • Wide motor speed range supported
  • Designed for starting torques and transient short-term operation