Tough test programs to deliver HyBlade® quality

The quality guidelines at ebm-papst are high and correspondingly tough. Especially when it comes to a trailblazing technology like HyBlade®, the ability to contend well with the toughest of load tests is absolutely essential. Our research and test facilities at our proving grounds in Arizona, Singapore and Siberia offer extreme climatic conditions all year round. They constitute a range of environments which provides the harshest imaginable parameters under which conditions hybrid technology is required to deliver hard evidence of its performance capability and design advantages.

In a range of different model sizes and motor ratings, HyBlade® fans have withstood extreme UV radiation and heat, rapid temperature fluctuations across a range in excess of 120°C as well as the harshest possible climatic conditions, ranging from stifling humidity to sub-zero temperatures. As well as long-term endurance tests and high-speed operation to well over three times their maximum operational rating, HyBlade® fans also rose superbly to the challenge of severe vibration and shaking. The superlative corrosion resistance of these new hybrid blades was ably demonstrated by a set of great results from salt spray and chemical exposure tests.