Frequently asked questions

What does a changeover to HyBlade® fans deliver in terms of daily operations?

HyBlade® technology is characterised primarily by lighter weight and greater flexibility in terms of blade geometry. These factors lead to great efficiency and improved noise emission characteristics. In this respect it is now much easier to adapt the shape of a blade to suit its individual operational requirements. The vast improvement in environmental footprint is a welcome fringe benefit obtained at zero additional cost.

How easy is it to make the changeover from conventional fans to HyBlade® fans?

New fans with HyBlade® technology have the usual market sizes, dimensions and mounting options. This means that they are technically fully compatible and this makes the changeover process hassle-free. Indeed, the reduced weight of individual items of equipment actually makes this changeover job a great deal easier for your operational staff.

What are the advantages of HyBlade® in conjunction with ebm-papst EC technology?

With EC HyBlade® fans, the benefits of the two technologies are added together with nothing deducted. More information about EC technology and energy efficiency can be found on

How much extra does it cost, compared to comparable conventional models?

Pricing levels are set in accordance with other models of comparable size and performance rating. In this respect, ebm-papst is supporting a trend towards enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and is striving within the medium term to switch its entire range of large axial fans over to HyBlade® technology. We would be more than happy to talk to you personally about the precise terms and conditions for your own specific application. Just pick up the phone and call: +49 7938 81-0.

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