HyBlade® - Premium Hybrid Fan

Pioneering spirit and a drive for action

Here at ebm-papst, nothing motivates more than intelligent and quiet movement through the air, and we work away every day on innovative technologies and new ideas. In this, top priority is given to finding solutions for customer requirements, delivering greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness and performance.

The latest of these solutions is HyBlade®, an innovative and at the present time unique hybrid structure which we can justifiably refer to as revolutionary. This is because HyBlade® totally redefines the strengths of large axial fans!

What does that achieve? An awesome efficiency rating! New standards in noise emission levels! And a major contribution towards environmental protection!

The new small HyBlades®

The new "small" HyBlades®

In recent years, ebm-papst developed the innovative HyBlade® axial fans for air-conditioning and refrigeration systems e.g. condensers, which have since established themselves successfully in the market.

HyBlade® - technology

Hybrid technology: One and one make one!