The new "small" HyBlades®

In recent years, ebm-papst developed the innovative HyBlade® axial fans for air-conditioning and refrigeration systems e.g. condensers, which have since established themselves successfully in the market.

Extension of the existing range by adding the sizes 300 till 450

New HyBlade® in size 300 with GreenTech EC technology for use in evaporators.
New HyBlade® in size 300 with GreenTech EC technology for use in evaporators.

The existing series has now been extended by adding the sizes 300, 350, 400 and 450. As the name implies, the new HyBlade® axial fans feature a new, dimensionally stable hybrid design that incorporates the latest insights into aerodynamics and permits three-dimensional styling. In addition, winglets reduce unwanted air flow between the circumferential blade and wall ring. This allowed a dramatic improvement in both efficiency and noise behaviour.

Thanks to an optimised heat dissipation concept of the motor, these fans are much more compact than their predecessors. With the new dimensions, easy replacement of existing AC solutions is possible any time and without a hitch.

Moreover, the new HyBlade® fans feature impressive energy savings. The integrated power electronics enables open loop speed control of the fans. This ensures demand-oriented adjustment of the air volume. Durability and light weight from the use of robust high-performance plastics are additional advantages of these axial fans. The fans are designed for country-specific supply voltages and thus are suitable for worldwide use, regardless of whether the power frequency is 50 or 60 Hz.