VarioDrive C – an intelligent alternative to IEC standard motors

VarioDrive C – an intelligent alternative to IEC standard motors

VarioDrive C motor series – compact, efficient and durable

VarioDrive C, the new mains-powered EC drive solution from ebm-papst Mulfingen, is an intelligent alternative to IEC standard motors with frequency inverter. The controllable synchronous motor is especially suited for applications with quadratic torque.

The three different sizes, M3G 084 / 112 / 150, all feature an enclosed and compact design with integrated electronics. In the power range between 500 – 3,000 W and variable closed loop speed control, they allow torques of 1.0 – 20.0 Nm. The robust mechanical design, which features type of protection IP 55 and insulation class F, guarantees a long service life despite tough ambient conditions. The mounting options are based on the familiar B14 / B5 flange variant and thus allow simple connection to the customer's application.

Numerous analogue and digital control inputs are available to control the motor. Furthermore, the connection can also be made via an RS485 interface. A variety of functions such as the line undervoltage detection, over-temperature protection, locked-rotor protection and motor current limit ensure the necessary safety for operating the motor. These motors have also been checked for EMC according to EN 61000, for example, for interference emission, interference immunity and current reverse transfer. This guarantees and ensures that the leakage current is < 3.5 mA as required per EN 61800-5-1.

Electronically commutated synchronous motors are particularly advantageous due to their high efficiency. In comparison with asynchronous motors, this advantage is clearly noticeable, especially when controlling the speed in partial-load operation. Along with the better efficiency go substantial energy savings, and this helps to conserve resources and the environment. In addition, wear of the motor and the unit that is powered is reduced in partial-load operation, which increases the service life and reduces the maintenance effort for the application.