Multi-pole external rotor motor

V DC-3-49.15

Many applications require smaller, reliable drive units

Outstanding power density and more compact dimensions than internal rotor motors coupled with unexpectedly excellent dynamic characteristics are the outstanding features of a new generation of external rotor motors manufactured by ebm-papst St. Georgen. A high torque, wide speed range and a high overload capability together with a high breakaway torque distinguish it from other motors. A high operating efficiency, control of speed 0 with safety torque, torque control and optional position control complement the extensive range of functions that are available. Thanks to the robust mechanics and compliance with protection Class IP54, integration into machines and systems does not present a problem.

New generation of external rotor motors
Compact electronics in multi-layer technology combine logic and power electronics

The output data of both current motor versions speak for themselves:
Nominal voltage 48 and 24 VDC, operating voltage range 18 to 55 V and 18 to 30 V. The nominal speed is 4000 rpm, the nominal torque 250 mNm and 150 mNm. The starting torque is 100 % higher. With 2.9 A (48 V) and 3.5 A (24 V) current consumption, the drives have a continuous power output of 105 and 63 watt. With dimensions of only 63 x 52 mm (diameter x length) the motors are extremely compact. They thus achieve top ratings with regard to nominal rated power per construction volume and mass. A bearing system that is specially designed to meet the requirements of the drive motors has a service life of up to 40.000 h even under difficult conditions.