Customer Support

Only a company that truly knows its customers can really make things happen for them. Geographically, our global presence ensures that we are close to our customers, their markets and their specific requirements.

Customer support

Yet on a personal level, our staff also ensure that the customer’s needs are accurately perceived and that problems are better understood – throughout the world, no matter where. Our dedicated staff think their way into your industry, your products and your applications; they follow your line of thought, and they think ahead. In this, they are supported by our internal culture that intensively encourages personal responsibility. Such personal responsibility is a motivation and incentive. We rely on short, effective decision making processes, un-bureaucratic processing, and, above all, on constant customer satisfaction – as this is how we define closeness!

We achieve this in ebm-papst UK by employing trained engineers as our Business Development Managers to enable them to understand your industry, products and applications. A team of Application Engineers and Project Engineers trained in the same manner supports them.

The Engineering base is complemented by a Sales Support team working very closely with the client to ensure product is available and promptly delivered.

The internal engineering and sales support are organised in market orientated teams so they can learn the clients’ particular challenges to enable them to think ahead. These teams are supported by a central Commercial team to create logistic and commercial solutions and a central Engineering group to ensure the latest technical knowledge is readily available.