Design Services

Our electrical, electronic and mechanical design engineers are here to help our customers get the most from our products and optimise theirs. The design team bring a wealth of experience from varied backgrounds including aerospace, defence, telecoms, motorsport and retail equipment and use integrrated Computer Aided Design tools allowing the free flow of information between Mechanical and Electronic disiplines. From simple mountings to complex control systems, we can design it for you.

Our capabilities


Mechanical: Sheetmetal , Casting and Moulding as well as Cable harness design.

Electronics: Analogue and Digital design of standalone and networked systems including ModBUS , BACNet & ebmBUS

Software: Embedded software using Assembler and C as well as server side software in C, C# , PHP , MySQL

Environmental Testing: -40 deg C to + 150 deg C and 0 to 100% Relative Humidity data logging simulation of customer environment. Stress screening. HALT - Highly Accelerated Life Testing - 10 years of life in 2 weeks.

EMC Testing: Conducted Emissions testing - performed in-house. Conducted Susceptibility and Radiated Emissions testing through external test house.

Verification and Validation: Verification and Validation of designs using both our in-house test facilities using our Airflow test rig and Environmental Chamber as well as external test facilities to ensure compliance with EMC , Safety , RoHS , WEEE , REACH