EC demonstration module

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about EC technology. ebm-papst UK Ltd has donated an EC demonstration module to the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers to support their campaign to promote engineers.

EC technology can mean a lot of different things. These days the term is broadly used to refer to a variety of drive concepts such as PM (permanent magnet motor), ECM (electronically commutated motor) and BLDC (brushless DC motor). ebm-papst was one of the first manufacturers to recognise the economic and ecological advantages offered by EC technology and was instrumental in promoting its development. We launched the world's first EC/DC compact fan on the market right back in 1965 - 30 years before any other manufacturer.

The demonstration unit shows the benefits of EC motor technology compared to AC induction motors; reduced energy consumption and lower motor temperature. The lower temperature reduces the stress in the motor, extending life times. Together they improve the life cycle of the product. EC motor technology is available in small motors from less that 1 W input to large machines of 12 kW.

They are found in many building service applications. In your home they will be found in whole house heat recovery units (MVHR), multiple extract units (MEV) and the small single room dMEV units. At work they are found in Fan Coils, supply and extract ventilation units and Air-Handling Units. In industry they are used on data centre cooling and refrigeration plants.

The fans fitted in the demonstration units are real fans as used in Food Display Cabinets found in your local supermarket. Until the mid-2000's a typical cabinet would have up to six of the AC fans circulating the chilled air in the cabinet. Now new cabinets are fitted with the EC fans with 26 W saving per fan, a 78% reduction. When you consider a large supermarket will have up to 600 of these fans fitted across the sales floor and each large chain of supermarkets have more than 500 of these stores, the total energy saved is enormous. Most supermarkets have retrofitted the old fans across their estate with the new EC technology.

The coloured bouncing balls of the demonstration unit show that the fans are moving the same mass of air; they are delivering the same level of work.

If you wish to learn more, follow the links in the side bar to download our brochure explaining EC technology in more detail, or our leaflet which explains the features, advantages and disadvantages of the EC demonstration model.