Fan tray

Our team of engineers have amassed an extensive knowledge regarding the application of fans. This intellect is further enhanced from their previous study and experience. This adds breadth and depth through acoustics, electronics, power engineering, mechanics, fluid dynamics, and computational fluid dynamics. Our clients are welcome to use this resource in the development of their product.

To support our engineers we have facilities and tools in our Chelmsford headquarter to investigate ideas and solutions. We have a large airflow measurement facility that complements the Computational Fluid Dynamics capability used to investigate possible aerodynamic, acoustic, thermal and energy reduction possibilities. Products can be validated using environmental chambers and EMC test equipment. We can also measure and analysis the acoustic performance.

Previous projects where we have worked in partnership and used our research and development capabilities have topics;

  • Reduced the noise level by 6 dB and at the same time increased the cooling capacity by 10% of a fan cooling an air pump.
  • Reduced the power consumption of a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit by 25% and increase the volume capacity by 10%.
  • Reduced the noise level of a beverage drink dispenser by 3 dB and reduced the overall power consumption by 6%.